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If real estate expertise is about location, location, location could 3rd millennium citizen engagement be about jobs, jobs, jobs.? If so will we peoples need to innovate beyond this conflict with thanks to bloggers at YunusBrand and Funding choices made at Ineteconomics


dear Roman friends of POP .nobel laureates, yunus, cnn founding family & billion dollar invstors in UN sustainability youth
  would yunus agree or disagree with any of these 7 wonders listed below
this is the year to make sure Yunus Brand Architecture - maps of whom youth can partner to change... legacy link in  on behalf of youth and collaborating in poverty museum race 


ACTIONS SOC which nobel leaureates alumni will help youth with the submoocs
BUSINESS SOC which others within 200 miles of georgia-alabama making the regional worldwide sustainability partner with youth wish to lead which submooc
CAPITALS www SOC how do you map a premier league of at least 30 collaboration (open education) capitals that twin with you to sustain openly all these sub moocs and double check them with youth as to which conflicts are most urgent locally
Overall Sustainability MOOC - what comes before ruling over macreoconomic growth- How could we celebrate these sub moocs
  7 Peace - rome annual peace summit turned into moocs too
6 Personal safety including end all underclasses within or across national boundaries -ditto plus interview women empowerment tech designers and surviving keynsians -eg Professor Yunus Invited to Deliver Lecture at Indian Parliament - he was at cambridge just after keynes and gandhi died - he was asked to do thesis on exactly this open system challenge- if i recall his family were themselves a refugee from west pakistan


5 Basic health system for all delivered at parity cost to rest of world - learn lesson of ebola while peoples beyond borders are  conscious of it (ie before bad banked politicians hide 5's whole truth again)
4 Other pro-youth essential infrastructures and staying ahead of era's most valuable change opportunities -especially job-creating open education -this generation's first greatest opportunity; clean energy for all: always our human species main evolutionary inter-generational investment challenge out of every community
3 No political interference with paper-printed currency - this exponentially destroys all the other goodwill components listed here -ultimately this was agenda yunus was talking about in 2007 as bank next billion youth but none of those who convened banking for the poor summits were in tune with yunus revolution on this so youth were censored from joining him and obamas mother must be rolling in her grave at the muddle this caused -and is still spinning 
2 Enough of country's most practical people valuing knowhow networked to serve those in greatest need (ie POP culture) -this is most basic criterion of a nation being free and happy -pop preferential option poorest was values muslim bangladesh's economic miracle was designed round 1972-2010 - this value culture actually came from franciscan south american catholics of 1971-in other words the 2 most populous community grounded religions representing 40% of world's populace and majority of poorest were wholly entrepreneurially aligned in 1971- moreover at that time yunus was in middle of experiencing americas south attempts to end its own black apartheid ()so black plus catholic plus muslim POP represented the majority of the world's populace beliefs in 1971- yunus alluded to this in his congress gold medal speech but I havent noticed one person on that "results" stage who has empowered this since). so the next time a pop mediator speaks at congress namely 24 september we need someone with the mass youth channels like bono as number 1 reporter and open social action meta-networker of post 2015 goals
1 pro-millennials Journalists investigating all above on non party political lines - including sustainability news analysis before nightly misleading comments on  stock index Ithe most non-sustainable -as paris NO TIME LEFT celebrated with 3000 danone community youth 2009 -hec team that originated global social business brainstorming with yunus in 2005 restarts this mooc in 7 days time but in french only) news- also including all other aspects of ACT (accountability , collaboration, transparency world bank youth summit 2014) - until 1989 this was eg the keynsian mediation role of The Economist- as the original worldwide sustainability exponentials viewspaper lets hope it refinds this in time for its 175th anniversary and teams up with  other broadcast media owned by the peoples not ruled by bipolar politics not singular vested interest groups (the communications cancer that tv mass media's second half of 20th C spun)


You could also send out email to all states leaders you involved in yunus competitions to see if they have any student committees concerned with testing out any of these sub-moocs and uniting with georgia states public education systems determination to celebrate this with all hi-trust public education systems
you could also review which of cnn's young broadcasters are used as POP facilitators at summits influenced by jim kim and others Freakonomics » Hacking the World Bank Full Transcript  - we know who the main african and hispanic sooth american ones are but does laura?





discuss valuation video

? Massive Open Online Collaboration - will you MOOC now?
These 9 videos may help you decide when you mooc with yunus - can dreams become realities?

reality 8 16 decisions

reality 7 africans can believe

reality 6 hear me now in global vil;age bangladesh 1996 needed to be 20th C greatest celebration -green children can believe, nobel peace judges maybe

dream 5 astronaut ron garan explains how collaboration is not yet a sufficient human capability for sustainability to be invested in

dream 4 can china's creditease become yunus best 21st C alumni network

dream 3 yunus gates - califiornia internet was never going to bring sustainability worldwide if it couldnt bridge yunus and gates when man landed on the moon south americans developed the mindset of living with the poor to end poverty - note how yunus borrowed from paule freire; the good news is that the 2nd most populous faith catholics are led by this franciscan mindset now; muslim millennials need to decide whether yes they can too after man's landing on the moon economists who valued end poveryy system designs declared 2015-2025 to be the decade of worldwide youth interdependence- if elders didnt invest in this expoenetial impact in time then sustainability of human race would be at risk so why isnt every youth and leader moocyunus NOW

question us at        usa dc 301 881 1655 - next mass convergence youth jobs future                                                                                                                                                                        capital Atlanta Nov 2015


.Millennials most collaborative links ? Youth's United Nations: 2015 Last year for transforming to sustainability.. -why not first curriculum on 5 billion peoples elearning satellite -who else do you want to MOOCYunus with? How Bonsai marries Giants to end poverty -village health, E- , bank , education

Youth can Guide Yunus to 30 future capiitals of youth  From 2016 twin capitals (Yunus Olympics) of job creating olympics will be more valuable to partner in sponsoring than any sporting celebration

Publish world record book of Job creation - Trillion Dollar Audit any Global Market destroying sustainability

Atlanta nov 2015 Review what 2000-2015 trapped millenials in ; what 2030now must change

download inaugural copy of journal of social business 

 Social Business Crowdmap

course 1 economics and whether a place enjoys hi-trust community banks determine our children's livelihoods - what every parnet, teacher and youth should know first about this responsibility without which democracy isnt real - dedicated to the people of Greece who gave the world olympics and demos - but who have seen an older generation lose youth's participation in both with some badwill assistance from the disgraceful political chincanery that macroeconomics specialises in


Sources viedeo series 1.1 20 minutes of videos of congress explaining why they voted for yunus gold medal can be directly fed into your own educanon - from  ;video series 20.3 : 20 minute transcript available -if you urgently need to crop a different segment than currently loaded on youtube tell us and we'll try and work out way to get you the relevant video segment - you may also want to look at our youtube videos curated at safebanks

3 Main Discussions inspired by Yunus Creative Lab Foundation  -now an official charity at Amazon Smile

Discussion on which brands share responsibility for rebuilding 27 billion dollars of goodwill of Yunus brand and returning this value to 8 million poorest village mothers of grameen in bangladesh

Discussion of why 27 billion dollars may be an undervaluation of any top 10 youth job creator in a world valued at 64 trillion dolars in 2015 but likely to spin to be worth 5 times more (womens and youth emepowermet endgame) or 5 times less (big brother end game) by 2030 (but not some in between livelihos value

Can you help the world youth and nobel summit Atlanta Nov 2015 become a benchmark for all twin capitals who want to se youth job creation expos become more valuable to youth than any global stage (including that very 20th C phenomenon The Olympics? 




 File notes by capital, lead partners, global network and asia    - 

Constitution of Grameen Bank in 1983    Nov 2013 law appears to destroy ownership rights of 8.3 million village woen

Help Friends of Yunus  update all the brand partners of yunus - either email with editing advice or join this micro wiki

Through 1976 to 1996, Yunus only used the Grameen brand and maintained total control over its meaning. This stood mainly for designing banks (local village markets and Through 1976 to 1996, Yunus only used the Grameen brand and maintained total control over its meaning. This stood mainly for designing banks (local village markets and knowhow-hub exchanges all served manually by thousands of financial services staff who volunteered to live in the villages and convene members meetings every week) . This was one of the fastest social races ever to end poverty in the rural poorest areas of the world through womens networks whose benchmark was the grameen village mothers of Bangladesh. Grameen Dialogue and Grameen Trust were advisory channels to the outside world but they were all gravitated around Dhaka


Then Yunus started discovering mobile apps - linking women's networks , twin partnering them with the greatest life saving innovation labs.

As big banks increasingly disinvested in youth's futures , Yunus became youth world's most popular brand for job creatiion everywhere as well as linking in to the millennium's most exciting collaboration goals, However until 2012 he never branded investment funds in his own name maintaining his focus on Grameen Brand Architecture. Then with mounting political control problems in Bangladesh, the first two Yunus global branding investment banks of projects were launched along with The

YunusCentre hub in Dhaka established as his secretariat since 2008/9 - and some academic yunus centres - eg AIT Thailand and the Yunus and Shiki Social Business Research Centre Kyushu Japan

 Yunus Fund - help share information on how to join in the most exciting investment banker for youth Muhammad Yunus

Help us catalogue markets and purposes that youth value  most

Foundation Norman Macrae - The Economist's  Pro-youth economist and since 1972 Entrepreneurial Revolution's founder of open education  Washington DC 1 301 881 1655





How Can a Capital Collaboratively Change World  by Spending One Day A Year Investing in 25000 Youth ? Celebrating connectors of Job-Creating Entrepreneurial and Khan-Academy Literate Youth Movements (with millions more joining in virtually)


Atlanta 501 Foundation - Yunus Creative Labs Inc USA - will be launched 22 November 2013 by Ted Turner of UN Foundation, President Jimmy Carter and Muhammad Yunus. Its first core 2 year project will address this question. Volunteers are needed to identify youth networks particularly those that linkin end to end value chains- eg in developing world social business Diaspora networks, in USA Yunus is already connected with over 100 HBUC's through 13 years of entrepreneur competitions hosted by the family entrusted to administer the 501 Foundation out of Atlanta


Emerging Checklist of activities for Atlanta fall 2015

  • Most collaborative youth entrepreneur competition ever staged
  • Compose your own 9 minute khan academy training modules - breaking news oct 30  No matter where they’re from, the young people that I meet with share the same basic aspirations. They want an education. They want opportunity.” - Secretary of State, John F. Kerry - See more at:
  • Youth wiki of post 2015 goals
  • Social business student clubs become as prevalent as microcredit clubs
  • Translate action networks of various nobel laureates ( eg Walesa, Gorbachev, Mandela, Yunus ) to demonstrate that each and youth capitalism are sustained through the same massive creative and transformation movements
  • Unite Citizen Capitalism Movements to free peoples design of future purposes -massively recirculate chapter 1 of Yunus 2007 book on future capitalism and too big to exist systems
  • Celebrate Open Space meetings across Atlanta

·          Search out top 100 microfranchsie models that can be openly replicated across world's poorest villages in ways that configure value chain around communities.

·          Postcard examples of breakthrough change models to key practice areas such as health's free nursing college, banking for the poor cashless banking systems, end to end Diaspora models as integral to bottom-up value chain transformation of twin world-trades and partnering trust through global villages Ilabs

  • Linking in the greatest youth open technologists and ensure that the 10 greatest pro-youth educators work is being fully documented by youth - eg 5 top educators on Norman Macrae's list are in 70s and 80s
  • Kickstart Chinese-US-worldwide  Youth Futures Network

Operated out of Germany for currently 8 national  incubator funds  Germany: Brazil, Columbia, Haiti, Albania, India, Uganda, Tunisia, Twitter @yunus_sb and Facebook .

Social Business and the Pursuit of Happiness Huffington Post-Oct 10, 2013




Crises revolving around Grameen as world's most valuable brand 1990-2010. 

For anyone aware of Grameen, its role in racing to end poverty and in championing job creating entrepreneurship made it the most valuable brand. However, Yunus never recieved advice on this by brand reality experts, so some quite extraordinary conflicts became embedded in it including the following

Up to 1996, the brand was totally under Yunus' direction. Then the extension into the Grameen Phone (mobile ) busienss left Yunus with one third of what became Bangladesh's biggest corporation. Had the equity of Grameen as the nation's most trusted brand been valued correctly Yunus would have been able to keep majority control of Grameen Phone

When in 2005, French global brand leaders proposed to yunus a partnership in benchmarking the most sustainable purposes of every market sector Grameen entered with them, the information flows around Yunus had none of the structure that would be needed to resolve so many global responsibility dialogues at the same time. Opportunities to build a newsletter with tens of millions of youth were serially missed. Relationships linking together the world's most purposeful open source technologists were not built in a way that made Grameen their epicentre of goodwill multiplication.

When Yunus and Grameen's Nobel prize  was awarded in 2006, the work needed to work out the equity transfusions between 2 global identities Grameen and Yunus wasnt done in a way that anticipated conflicts when a global brand's equity is doubling every year or so which happened between 2006 and 2010. Discussions with Yunus in Fall of 2010 showed none of the threat analyses that would normally be proactive around a brand equity of approximately 16 billion dollars. ( Approxinately $2000 per productive Grameen Member).


Agents of Grameen in different countries -2 in USA, France, Germany, etc were not required to collaborate and understand each other's leading goals. So when the Prime Minister of Bangladesh mounted her attempts to take over control of the Grameen Bank, moves by all the biggest partners of Yunus and Grameen were consistently in reactive mode and risk information that leading partners of Yunus needed to share was instead kept in silos - not the way that a multibillion dollar brand under attack needed to be orchestrated. Moreover, Yunus continued extending into new areas making the politics inside Grameen headquarters interpersonally compex for a grassroots organisational culture wonderfully tuned to resolving conflicts in the villages but not at its operational centre's global interfaces.

  Up to 2010, the 20 most famous fans of Yunus in the world - Queens, Princes, Presidents etc - were typically able to be seen with Yunus as a win-win-win. But the person's whose joy of cross-cultural East-West, South-North celebrations had always been both genuine and humblingly human started to look controversial. Yunus behaves to an extremely honest set of business principles as a servant leader of the 8 million gramen bank members but this isnt enough to prevent his brand identifiers being greenwashed in indirect ways - for example the goal of microcreisumit to be massively affordable had involved getting sponsorship from big banks. While Yunus was not directly a party to such decisions, it was very easy for big banks to surround microcredit in misinformation.

As anyone who has studied how brand architecture valuations multuply a lot more or less than their parts will know, cataloguing major brands in an integrated portfolio is only a first way of looking at why a brand archotecture may be on a moores law doubling or halving its goodwill. That said up to 1995 the main grameen brands were organic :

Grameen Bank -the development of what has become hundreds of thousands of womens centres of 60 villagers each - regarding the loans side of the busienss soem were for the women's own income generation service co-marketed by the centre, supported by agricultural and other seervices designed for bottom-up value chain growth; some were for solutions designed by grameen - eg the aga khan award winning one room building (cyclone-proof and integrating a pit latrine for family safety and hygene)

Grameen Kalyan (funds for members welfare in years thjat law prevented dividend payment to members) and the foundations of all grameen future projects in health sercoves

 Grameen (Shikka) Education (became identified  from 1997) ; clothing ; agriculture

From 1996 two huge brands serving Bangladesh became

Grameen Phone     ( grameentelecom     grameentelecom at linkedin and at facebook 

-where did the social dividends of grameen phone/telecom go  )

Grameen Shakti Energy 

Funds for microcredit abroad were initiated out of DC by Grameen America- back in Dhaka a few yeras earlier Grameen Trust had been opened so that eperoenced Grameen bankers could offer microcredit cosnulting services to internationak NGOs 


From 2005 Grameen Global Social Busienss Partnerships were founded with corporations and other entities led by the French Cluster

Grameen Danone (infant nutrition dhaka) and Danone Communities SB Investment Fund , sponsorship of world's first social busienss professor at HEC (later co-sponsored by Schneider Electriv that is evolving as number 1 green energty partner)

Grameen Credit Agricole

Grameen  Veolia

 Around 2008 usa saw launch of Grameen Intel

Also Yunus Agent Vidar Jorgensen was asked ro run the Grameen bank in USA with launch of GramenAmerica - his main professioanl interest being healthcare confernces which explais why Yunus relies on him for many corporate partnerships of GrameenHealth

 Alongside this the greenchildren pop group funded the first tow Grameen Eyecare hospitals which extended the Indian franchise Aravind, and by 2010 Yunus connections in Scotland resulted in the start up of the the Grameen Caledonian Nursing Colege in Dhaka whsoe monetary resources came initially from leading girl power foundations - see also

From 2009  German partnerships of Grameen were mooted of which the main branded connection is BASF Grameen. There had been momentum around a model garments factory partbered by OTTO (the world's second largest online retailer) but to date such an investment has not be viable due to the political challenges to ownership of Grameen

 In 2011 the Japanese Yukiguni Maitake Grameen Beans sprout corporate partnership was launched empowering a cooperative structure sustaining a first wave of 10000 Bangaldeshi small farmers. and the social partnership with cloting retailer Uniqlo

 wanted youth editors of journal of 100 biggest -or most collaborative - partners of dr muhammad yunus





For students of Brand Architecture partnerships - a field developed by Norman Macrae  Family & Foundation in 1990 - the Grameen Bank Law passed in Bangladesh on Nov 2013 is the most destructive dismantling of 20 billion dollars of goodwill relationships connected in the world’s most important collaboration race: to end poverty Section 20 of the Grameen Bank Law  (Nov 2013) says the bank cannot run any business beyond its mandated area or transact with any business entity. The government alleged that the Grameen Bank had business links with 54 other companies such as the Grameenphone, Grameen Trust, Grameen Fund, Grameen Telecom, Grameen Cybernet, Grameen Shakti, Grameen Knitwear, Grameen Byabosa, and so on. - 
( ) welcome any errors in presentation of what is very fast moving information around hundreds of organisations trying to massively help end poverty Summary web

This site  The Web 

Please note this collaboration correspondent survey should be regarded as illustrative - we are in rocess of combining listings for an overall map ; if this is a correspondent exercise that is urgent to you, please contact washingtin dc and Foundation Norman Macrae- The Economist's pro-youth economist.

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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Back in 1984, afer my father had spent 10 yeras chatting with readers of The Econokist about the coming of the net generation, our book on 1984 to 2025 seemed to make it quite likely that we could avoid the big brother endgame but as you can see from this review of missed opportunities


we now seem to be on a last exit from big brotherdom -regarding the scenario below - some may say we are exagerating but what we would stick outr ground on is that each of tg=he top 10 job creators with youth today is wirth way northo f 27 billion dollars in terms of future impacts


 : Discussion of why 27 billion dollars may be an undervaluation of any top 10 youth job creator in a world valued at 64 trillion dollars in 2015 but likely to spin to be worth 5 times more (womens and youth emepowermet endgame) or 5 times less (big brother end game) by 2030 (but not some in between livelihoods value)

4:52 pm edt 

which brands share responsibility for returning 27 billion dollar equity to 8 million poorest Bangladeshi mothers?
Bernardo asked what is Yunus Creative Lab (now an official foundation of the Amazon Smile program)

There are 2 kinds of answers that occur to me:
a) what does a youth celebrating network of partnerships social action most effectively, smoothly, exponentially sustainably and joyfully

b) what is the goodwill valuation of yunus being in the middle of more job-creating concepts -and partnership labs-  that inspire more youth than any other living person I am aware of  (please tell me if you have other candidates - always delighted to know whose goodwill is number 1 in youth job creation)

The Yunus Creative Lab is the Atlanta based 501 foundation organisation around muhammad bhuiyan responsible for youth summits (officially the winning candidate of the 2015 Nobel peace laureate Summit Nov 2015) and basically whatever you can collaboratively help make it "socially business" be about that youth and yunus do not yet reach. Historically YCL emerged when Yunus was keynoting at a celebration of Luther King and the King , Carter, Turner an other families asked Yunus what would Atlanta need to do to be a benchmark youth and yunus capital that he enjoyed linking into as much as anywhere

YCL is the only us headquartered foundation with the Yunus brand name  -note all the vision-partnering problems the Grameen name now has given the ownership dispute back in Bangladesh

Dr Bhuiyan- beyond the summit- is there any clearer description of what yunus creative lab does or doesnt do vis a vis any other formal yunus organisation?

When the world bank's jim kim recommends the 2 defining social movements of the net generation #2030now are ending poverty and twinning places in youth jobs solutions I assume that is yunus creative lab heartland but would like me told if my assumption is wrong

chris macrae DC 301 881 1655

ps dr bhuiyan - would there be a way in which eg a monthly newsletter could run from now to nov 2015 - post in any good news from atlanta hosts - equally youth and educators could post in questions and we try and answer them once a month - or is there a joint blog process or what?

some further assumptions /possibilities

Yunus first job was at the HBUC East Tennessee College circa 1969 and Muhammad Bhuiyan has worked on uniting entrepreneur curriculum of HBUC since 2000 or earlier. Therefore I assume that within USA - yunus wants to empower networks such as african americans and hispanics and their direct capabilities to regenerate communities

In rural states, I know Yunus wants to help food etc security- for example when he was told that Montgomery is the poorest county in the whole of the USA he wanted to turn the whole state into a yunus lab

In any state, Yunus is looking for knowhow partners in Grameen Nearly Free Nursing College- see the first impossible is possible postcard edited by Yunus attached- and ask mostofa to present your concept for such a card if you believe its on target as a top 10 collaboration of youth and yunus. GNFNC as a concept was founded in Glasgow by Zasheem Ahmed. Personal conversations with paul farmer and sir fazle abed suggest they want to converge this as a leading idea of open education but as yet there isnt one clear plan on how to do this. For example on the virtual side, sal khan is a key player and it was only this week that global celebrations started of a tool that allows anyone to  turn any serious youtube video into educational training module

You can also study what is it that the turner family as giving billionnaires particularly want to develop - clean energy is one such area. Similarly carter and Luther King families. Atlanta opens a Rights museum this year - and can therefore argue deeper connections with peace and cultural reconciliation than almost anywhere in the USA. You would hope that this would flow strongly between Atlanta and Cape Town (mandela) as 2014 peace summit location; an Walesa whose solidarite movement connects peoples in almost any battle worn country. If you see a living peace laureate or peace laureate organisation that matches your deepest goals please do contact them and ask how to be their youth envoys. Or if you need help with such please say

Technical Brand Valuation problems
At its peak , the Grameen brand would have had estimated 28 billion dollars of value apart from 2 things- its ownership was not clear since Bangladeshi law doesnt really have any laws relevant to such; and the biggest equity withing Gramee (Grameen Phone) has always only be about a third owned on behalf of Grameen bank members

Neither Social Business nor Creative lab are brandable (or of they are yunus certainly wasnt the first user of either name). So really the only brand that can sustain Yunus legacy is Yunus, and depending whether Yunus has more supporters with funds  in USA than anywhere else probably determines where his goodwill with youth will be led out of apart from where he happens to reside. At the same it is clear that he wants any such equity value to be returned primarily to the 8 million grameen mothers in bangladesh. Something which you might think USA with its regard for law might be able to work through better than anywhere else.


2:50 pm edt 

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yunus and Skoll
Yunus was keynote speaker for the early skoll world championships for social entrepreneurs held in Oxford - and featured in 3 dvds sponsored by Skoll and produced by ashoka. Yunus returned to the 10th world championships for a lifetime award

News from Skoll (in Association with Huffington Post)
The Challenge has the potential to leverage up to $1 million in prize funding from the Skoll Foundation, including $250,000 in dedicated prize money through daily and weekly challenges and up to $750,000 in additional matching funds to be shared equally by all participants as fundraising thresholds are reached during the campaign. See “Challenge Rules” below for more information on prizes and matching funds.

The Skoll Social Entrepreneurs Challenge will run from September 30 at 12:00pm ET through November 22 at 11:59:59am ET.

Please Click Here for all the rules.
1:04 am est 

Notes on Grameen Intel

Main web edited by intel      at facebook

Some country scripts:


Cambodia database farmers support from Grameen Intel with fund support from South Korea 

mrittika is a computer application for fertilizer recommendation, developed by Grameen Intel Social Business Ltd. It is a logic driven software that may be customized to provide the appropriate fertilizer recommendation for any region, and any crop.


Grammen Intel CTO blogs on healthcare 

EBS-Intel summer school for social innovation in education


12:41 am est 

Wednesday, November 6, 2013



I condemn the action of the Government of Bangladesh in changing the Grameen Bank law in the strongest language possible.

Grameen Bank was created as a bank owned by poor women, and managed by poor women. Its legal structure did not allow any government interference of any kind, except for regulatory oversight. The amendments to the law which have just been introduced, have created the opportunity for the government to take 100 percent control of the bank if they wish to. These amendments fundamentally change the character of the bank. With these amendments, the government has opened the door for its ultimate destruction. What a shame for the nation, and the whole world!

I feel extremely sorry that the nation has to go through the unnecessary traumatic experience of seeing a great global iconic institution, created by this nation, be brutally harmed by a group of irresponsible and thoughtless people. The immediate task before the country is to repair the enormous damage done to the Grameen Bank law at the earliest opportunity, before it is too late. I hope the whole nation, particularly all women, along with the women of Grameen Bank, their family members, as well as the staff of the bank will rise to the occasion and make it happen.

Muhammad Yunus

Nov 6, 2013

selection of search

Muhammad Yunus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 2006 Yunus and Grameen Bank received the Nobel Peace Prize "for their efforts ... 2010, and presented with it at a ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on 17 April 2013. .... These small informal groups apply together for loans and its members act as ..... Ceremony for Professor Muhammad Yunus", Press Release, US Congress  ...
  • প্রেস রিলিজ: গ্রামীণ ব্যাংকের আইন পরিবর্তনের প্রতিবাদে প্রফেসর ...
  • Yunus flays Grameen law change -
    4 hours ago - Former Grameen Bank Managing Director Muhammad Yunus has ... said in a press release that the amendments to the law would fundamentally alter ... Parliament on Tuesday passed the Grameen Bank Bill-2013 despite the  ...
  • Yunus flays GB law amendment -
    5 hours ago - Former Grameen Bank Managing Director Muhammad Yunus has strongly ... In a press release the Nobel laureate said the amendments to the law would ... Parliament on Tuesday passed Grameen Bank Bill-2013 amid the  ...
  • Grameen Bank | Bank for the poor - Home
    Letter from Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus Addressed to ... Click Here to Find the Archive of Grameen Bank Rejoinder to Different Media ... DC - According to a report released by the Microcredit Summit Campaign, ... In 1983 it was transformed into a formal bank under a special law passed for its creation.
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  • 7 NOVEMBER 2013




    The agenda is subject to change.

    08:00 – 09:30 amRegistration and Get-together
    09:30 – 10:30 am

    Opening Plenary

    Welcome address and special welcome to Yunus Centre Delegation by Nurfarini Daing, CEO Youth Trust Foundation myHarapan and Hans Reitz, Head of Global Social Business Summit

    Keynote by Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    10:30 – 11:30 am

    Plenary Session I
    State of the art of social business: the development and implementation of social business around the world

    Moderation: Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    Dr. Fatima al Balooshi, Minister of Social Development Bahrain
    Richard Branson, Virgin Group (virtual address)
    Saskia Bruysten, CEO Yunus Social Business
    Nurfarini Daing, CEO Youth Trust Foundation myHarapan
    Eric Lesueur, 
    Projects Director Veolia Environment
    Rogerio Oliveira, Country Director Yunus Social Business Brazil
    Hans Reitz
    Founder The Grameen Creative Lab
    Prof. Hiroto Yasuura
    , Vice Executive President Kyushu University
    11:30 – 01:00 pm

    Focus Groups

    01:00 – 02:30 pm

    Lunch Break

    02:30 – 04:00 pmFocus Groups (continuation)
    04:00 – 04:30 pmEnergy Break
    04:30 – 06:00 pm

    Plenary Session II
    Co-creation and Collaboration: Partnerships as key drivers for social business

    Moderation: Aarti Wig, Country Director Yunus Social Business India

    Dr. Bhaskar Chatterjee, Director General & CEO Indian Institute of Corporate Affairs
    Antonio da Conceicao
    , Minister of Commerce, Industry & Environment East Timor
    Hendrik Heuermann, HR Department H&M Germany
    Krish Krishnan, Founder Director and CEO Green Ventures
    Gilbert Mbesherubusa, Vice President Operations African Development Bank
    Erin Pham Steinhauer
    , Head of Corporate Responsibility Asia Pacific, Central 
    Europe, Middle East and Africa Visa Inc 

    Hans Reitz, 
    Head of Global Social Business Summit
    Imamus Sultan, Managing Director Grameen Kalyan

    Alex Thier, Assistant to the Administrator USAID
    Jimmy Wales, Founder Wikipedia (virtual address)
    06:00 – 06:30 pm

    Closing Session Day 1
    Wrap up, Announcements & Launches of new ventures and initiatives

    Wrap up by Ron Garan: Perspective from an astronaut on Co-creation and Knowledge Management

    Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Veracruz and video message from the Governor

    Announcement of The Grameen Creative Lab's partnership with the City of Berlin

    06:30 – 08:00 pmNetworking Dinner

    8 NOVEMBER 2013






    08:00 – 09:30 am


    09:30  10:00 am

    Opening by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate: Recap GSBS Day 1

    Keynote by Hans Reitz, Head of Global Social Business Summit: History of 5 years GSBS 

    10:00  11:00 am


    Plenary Session III

    “It’s the corporation, stupid!” - Social business as part of the business strategy

    Moderation: Martin Löffler, Director California Institute for Social Business

    Binod Chaudhary, Chairman Chaudhary Group 
    Dr. Joon Choi, VP Social Enterprise Team SK SUPEX Council 
    Emmanuel Faber, COO Danone Group
    Navroze Godrej, Board of Directors Godrej Group
    Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

    11:00  12:30 pm

    Pecha Kucha Festival
    8 Presentations of new social business ventures, programs or initiatives

    12:30  01:30 pm

    Lunch Break

    01:30  03:30 pm

    Connected Creativity

    03:30  04:00 pm

    Presentation of Social Business Pedia

    Moderation: Ron Garan, NASA Astronaut
    Presentation: Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nazneen Sultana and Ashiqur Rahman

    04:00  05:30 pm

    Plenary Session IV

    Social Impact Measurement – Curse or cure for social investment?

    Moderation: Lutfey Siddiqi, Managing Director, Co-Head Foreign Exchange Asia-Pacific UBS Investment Bank

    Sophie Eisenmann, CFO Yunus Social Business
    Anshu Gupta
    , Founder Goonj
    Jean-Luc Perron
    , Managing Director Grameen Crédit Agricole Microfinance Foundation
    Jack Sim, Founder World Toilet Organisation
    Ulrich Villis
    , Global Co-Leader Social Impact Practice Boston Consulting Group
    Datuk Zabidah Ismail, Managing Director Amanah Ikhtiar Malaysia

    05:30  06:00 pm

    Closing Session Day 2 

    Keynote by Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize LaureateRoadmap towards 2018

    Keynote by Dato' Sri Haji Mohammad Najib Abdul Razak, Prime Minister of Malaysia:Roadmap for social business in Malaysia

    Keynote by Nurfarini Daing, CEO Youth Trust Foundation myHarapan and Hans Reitz, Head of Global Social Business SummitWrap up of GSBS 2013

    Announcement of the Host for the Global Social Business Summit 2014


    10:00  03:00 am


    YY Party

    9 NOVEMBER 2013



    02:00  04:00 pm

    Panel discussion: How can culture & arts support social business?

    Moderation: Hans Reitz, Head of Global Social Business Summit

    Maoz Inon, Tourism entrepreneur
    Low Ngai Yuen, Founder Kakiseni
    Eddin Khoo, Founder Pusaka
    Prof. Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
    9:06 am est 

    Monday, November 4, 2013


    Shenzhen Bank Adopts Chinese Version of Yunus Microcredit Model to Assist Local Social Organizations


    SHENZHEN, China, Aug. 20, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- A press conference for "EasyLoan," a new and innovative credit instrument that will make it easier for social organizations to be better contributors to public welfare, was co-hosted by the Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank and the Shenzhen Innovation Corporate Social Responsibility Development Center (CSRDC) in the conference hall of the Shenzhen branch on 14 August, 2013.

    (Photo: )

    "EasyLoan" is a professional support service product modeled on loans extended by the Shenzhen branch to small and micro businesses and innovative financial management services offered to social organizations. "EasyLoan," the Chinese version of the Yunus microcredit model for small and micro businesses, demonstrates that social organizations can reach a new level of access to credit.

    Social organizations, whether they are foundations, community associations or non-profits, are required to have government procurement contracts and related service offers in hand in addition to an ability assessment in order to get a loan. The Shenzhen branch of China Construction Bank extends loans to social welfare organizations with a good credit record through the imposition of sound financial safeguards including risk control, further boosting social innovation via financial instruments. The "EasyLoan" model has already been implemented and six social welfare organizations have become the first partners of the branch.

    At the event, vice president of the Shenzhen Charity Federation and former vice chairman of the Municipal CPPCC of Shenzhen Yao Xinyao, deputy director of the Shenzhen Civil Affairs Bureau Yu Zhisheng, deputy director of the Committee for Social Affairs of Guangdong Province for the Social Construction Office Liu Feng, and director of the United Front Work Department's Economy Office under the CPC Shenzhen Municipal Committee Liu Junlin each provided a positive appraisal of the financial service jointly developed by the social organizations and financial institutions. President of the Shenzhen Social Worker and former president of Shenzhen University Zhang Bigong, as well as convener for the Unit for Third Sector Studies at Hong Kong Polytechnic University and the Deputy Director of CSRDC Dr. Chan Kam Tong offered their professional insights into the comparative analysis of Chinese and foreign financial organizations supporting the development of social organizations with core businesses.

    Director of CSRDC Liang Yudong said the "EasyLoan" model will provide Shenzhen's social organizations with financial services such as liquidity loans as well as support the city's social service organizations. "EasyLoan" will help social organizations develop a more scientific and scalable model of operation, promote the growth of an innovative community service model, and drive the diversified development of community finance, community education, community support for the elderly, community health and community care.

    11:53 am est 

    Sample the good news of yunus brand parners 013oct1

    Danone-Backed Project Provides Water at Cost to Cambodia

    Heng Sinith/AP Photo
    Danone.communities grew out a partnership six years ago with the French bank Credit Agricole SA after Danone Chief Executive Officer Franck Riboud met Nobel Peace Prize-winner Muhammad Yunus. It backs nutrition projects in Bangladesh, Senegal and China, water works in Cambodia, India and Mexico.

    When Francois Jaquenoud knocked on Danone’s door seven years ago seeking clean-water funds for Cambodians, the maker of Evian turned him down. Two years later, Danone reversed course.

    Just how did the Paris-based company that’s the biggest yogurt maker get involved half a world away in Cambodia?

    Credit dates to when the founder of “1001 Fontaines pour demain,” French for “1,001 Fountains for tomorrow,” crafted a business plan to provide 2 liters (a half-gallon) of safe water a day to each Cambodian. From not a drop in 2004, the former Accenture Plc (ACN) consultant’s enterprise now sells water to 100,000 Cambodians at cost: less than a euro cent (1.38 U.S. cents) a liter.

    With the model replicated in Madagascar in 2008 and this year in India, Danone’s connections bring Jaquenoud financial resources and more. “They taught us how to sell water,” the 59-year-old said last month at the Convergences World Forum of public and private groups working to curb poverty.

    10:58 am est 

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